• Jurica Residence

Jurica Residence #55

Querétaro, México
4,306 sf (400 sm)

Located outside of the Spanish Colonial city of Queretaro, Mexico, this residence represents a new paradigm in Mexican development; one that embraces Mexico’s rich modernist history while catering to its growing middle class. As a speculative home, FLUX was charged with the task of maximizing the project’s footprint in order to maintain the developer’s financial goals while still allowing for an ample exterior garden. Our solution was simple, blur the boundaries between interior and exterior allowing both functions to interconnect and become one.

This was accomplished by creating a pair of long rectangular boxes rotating around a spiral staircase. The stair, a genesis for home’s form, creates a hinge point which bends the boxes to its desired orientation allowing for optimal mountain views and a dynamic interior. Furthermore, the orientation engages proper sun angles for passive heat gain while capturing prevailing winds for cooling. The end result is an elegant sustainable home which maintains its desired privacy while still allowing one to feel interconnected inside and out.